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Gidday, I'm Rowdy the father of these puppies. You're at the right site for the absolute BEST Pure Bred, Australian Cattle Dog Puppies around.

Australian Cattle Dog Puppies For Sale
2006 SOLD OUT! Sorry!


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Gidday, I'm Rowdy the father of these puppies. You can read all about my puppies here and see a picture of my bitch - Chloe. What a good looking bitch she is too!

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I am very sorry but all of our puppies from our 2006 litter have been sold but please read this page as we may still be able to help you.

If you are still after a puppy and do not particularly want to wait for our litter in 2007 then please fill out the form following and tell us this. If we know of another quality breeder with puppies we will direct you to them.

There were only the 8 puppies in this, our only litter of 2006 available and in 2007 we are expecting 7 to 10 puppies from Chloe and Rowdy so if you'd like to be on the early notification list to get the low-down ahead of everyone else and have the best chance of securing one of our great little purebred Australian Cattle Dog puppies then I recommend you fill out the early notification form to get onto the early notification list

Just click here to go to the early notification form.

Otherwise just fill out the form below and we'll see if we can put you in touch with another quality breeder. No guarantees though unfortunately.

Also you may still view photos and videos of our 2006 litter on the puppy blog or on our Australian Cattle Dog Puppies For Sale page.

If you have any questions then check out our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page or call me on 0407-674400 for a question that's not answered or for more information about them.

For your information and as a courtesy I have decided to leave the following details on this page so you can know of our terms in advance.

What price are your Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) puppies? All puppies are $440 (incl. GST) plus any travel costs. Each puppy will have had their 6-week old 1st immunisation / vaccination needle and have been checked by our vet and regularly wormed every 2-weeks from 2-weeks of age up until they leave us.
If a puppy is 12-weeks or more of age there is also the added cost of their 12-week booster needle. All puppies have usually found a home long before this though.

Yes we do take early deposits or pre-payment for puppies? Usually it is full pre-payment only BUT we have had so many requests we will take deposits and pre-payments on our following terms only. You've been directed to this page to read our terms of payment BEFORE you put any money down on a puppy. It is vital that you know these terms because...

once you place a deposit or pre-payment down on a puppy you will be doing so under these terms.

I thank you for clicking through to here and joining my list. Hopefully you'll become a part of our extended family of 33 carer/owners and growing.

Here are our non-negotiable terms...

1) By paying a deposit or full pre-payment on any one or more of our puppies you are stating that you have read these terms and are in agreeance with them and agree to abide by them.

2) A minimum of $100.00 AUD per puppy by Cash, Visa or MasterCard Credit Card, Australian Money Order in AUD, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Wire transfer into our account. No cheques - period - are accepted.

3) You must specify the puppy or puppies you are placing the deposit on by sex, number and name (if applicable - details on the puppy blog).
This is your responsibility to make sure this information is correct.

4)a) Any deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE!
You may transfer a deposit to another puppy from the same litter that is still available for sale by written notice - Fax or Email. We will confirm your change by return notice by the same method. Of course the deposit comes off the total fee on pick-up of your puppy.
  c) If you have made a full pre-payment for a puppy and change your mind for another puppy that is not available or suitable then a $100.00 AUD cancellation fee will be deducted from any refunds due to you.

5) If you decide not to take your deposit puppy or another suitable puppy from the same litter then you will forfeit your deposit money. We may have already knocked back others from purchasing the puppy and we have to then invest extra time and cost into finding a new family.

6) As with full pre-payment should anything happen to your puppy resulting in death or illness prior to pick-up or for any reason we cannot supply you the puppy in excellent health as expected at pick-up then you will be refunded any deposit or pre-payment in full. Of course the puppy will not be supplied either.

7) We always reserve the right to reject anyone we feel will be unsuitable for our puppies on meeting them at pick-up or prior to pick-up. In this case a full refund of any monies paid is issued.

8) Any transport costs will be paid up-front by the purchaser.


I'm sure you'll agree these terms are fair and reasonable.

We always recommend it is best to come and check out the puppies in person before placing a deposit or pre-paying - if at all possible.

Time is of the essence as I will start advertising the puppies at 7 weeks of age although they won't leave our care until they are 8 weeks old.

Email Me Any Questions by Clicking Here or call me on 0407-674400.

Now you've read our terms you must fill out the agreement form below to agree to them. You will then be taken to the Payment Details page where you can pay for your puppy in part or in full once accepted. Click here or scroll down to get to the form.

Work Smart, Enjoy Life & Take Names!


Australian Cattle Dog Fancier, Breeder & Author

(Personally, I Just Love 'em!)


Send Me an Email - Click Here

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Your Agreement - This Section MUST be completed in full BEFORE Payment will be Confirmed.

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Agreement To Our Terms Form

Please fill out this following form - in full - then click on the...
"Take Me To The Payment Details Page" button to get the payment details.
*Required Information

*Your First & Last Names
*Your Email Address
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*Do You Agree With Our Terms:


After you click on the button please be patient as it may take a minute or two (no more) for verification. If you have trouble please call me on 0407-674400.

Make sure you print out a copy of this form filled out for your own records.

Note: You can also just print, fill out and fax this page (3+4) form to us and we will return fax/email/phone our payment details to you.
Our fax number is 03-5480 6654 (within Australia) or +61 3 5480 6654 (international dialling).

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